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With my “open book” mentality, Online Mentoring and The Classroom are two great ways to share my business and photography experience. Online Mentoring takes place through video chat and is custom designed to meet your specific business and photography goals. The Classroom is the perfect place for me to share templates, brainstorm ideas, and teach lessons. The Classroom is a small online community (set up like a small forum). There is a one-time fee to join, and your membership never expires. No more purchasing individual templates – join The Classroom and you can download templates as much as you like! (For more information, click here.)

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Over the past several years, I’ve come to realize that being creative in one art form tends to make you even more creative in other areas. My full time career (for the past 8 years) allows me to focus on my love of photography. In the meantime, I’ve discovered a love for crochet. Between my grandmother’s crochet influence and my mother’s creativity with knitting, working with yarn seems to be in my blood. I enjoy the challenge of mathematically figuring out patterns, the creative process of choosing colors and materials, and the relaxation of seeing it all come together.

My shop offers a variety of newborn photography props and baby hats, with fashionable scarves and hats coming as Fall approaches. Ohio State fans can watch for some fun designs in time for football season! I also look forward to adding photographic art pieces in the future.

Please enjoy browsing my shop, and I look forward to sharing my creative designs to come.


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About My Business Background

My college degree focused on Public Relations and Marketing. In addition to my educational background, I have held a job since the age of 12. I’ve always had a love for business management. When I worked in the hotel industry,I focused quite a bit on revenue management – finding ways to be the most profitable. When I worked in the recruiting industry, the job was a 100% commission based position that involved finding clients in our target market, networking, and nurturing relationships. I’ve done my own taxes – personal & business – since I was 18 years old. And although some of you may think it’s weird, I love math/numbers/accounting – it relaxes me!